Wifi Booster (2.4GHz)

Wifi Booster

2.4GHz wifi booster

The 2.4GHz Wifi booster is a bidirectional amplifier that could amplify the 2.4GHz wifi signal and extend the 2.GHz wifi signal range.

This 2.4GHz Wifi booster have large output power as well as good receiver sensitivity to provide an optimise wifi connectivity. A good 2.4GHz wifi booster doesn’t mean the output power is the greatest, because wifi needs two way communication (that is why you have upload and download), to have a great output power alone may not extend the wifi coverage much because the client devices (eg mobile phone, laptop) may not emit high power to reach to the wifi booster, that is why a good 2.4GHz wifi booster should have good receiver sensitivity to receive the signal from client devices.

To extend the wifi signal range, it could use the range extender or Homeplug powerline adapter also. However, this 2.4GHz wifi booster can connect to wireless NVR / DVR and the wireless cctv camera to greatly increase the wirelesss range between the NVR to the camera as shown in the diagram below:

Wifi booster extend the wireless range


Package Contect:

  1. Wifi Booster x 1
  2. 5dbi Internal whip antenna x 1
  3. power adapter x 1
  4. 40 cm cable with sma connector x 1 (connect to router / AP / Wireless NVR / Wireless cctv camera)


1 Year warranty option:

1 Year Product Warranty

30 Days money back guarantee


1 Month Warranty Option:

1 Month Product Warranty

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