500W Power Inverter (12V DC to AC converter)

500W Power Inverter (12V DC to 220V AC converter)

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Product Introduction:

This 500W power inverter can convert a dc 12V from battery (Car battery, solar battery etc.) and output 50Hz AC 220V that could power most of the 220V appliances (with peak power < 500W). It is very convenient and you could use in a remote area where no on grid power is available, or use it in a car or boat with the cigarette lighter plug provided. This 500W power inverter comes with multi protection function such as over voltage protection, over temperature protection, battery inversion protection, over load protection and etc, and with stylish LED display that shows the important information of the battery voltage and output voltage. It is highly reliable and provide the highest performance to cost ratio compare to many products in the market.

This 500W power inverter could power the mobile signal booster that place in remote area with no power available, with the combination of power inverter, battery, solar panel and solar charge controller, it is possible to achieve uninterrupted power even the powered devices are on for 24 hours per day.


Product Specification:

  • Model : 500W Power Inverter
  • Max Continuous Power : 200W
  • Peak Power : 500W
  • Material : Aluminium-Magnesium Alloy
  • Output waveform : Modify Sine Wave
  • Output Frequency : 50 Hz
  • Input DC Voltage : 12V
  • Output Voltage : 220V AC
  • Efficiency : > 90%





1 month warranty cover manufacturer defect under normal wear and tear condition.

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