How to Change Your Life

Can one’s life be changed ?


If you are rich and can get almost everything that you need, but you still feel your life is unhappy..

If you think your unhappiness are caused by somebody around you..

If you and your family are facing a lot of problems and disasters and think it is purely due to unluckiness..

If you think money, power and success (in term of money) are the most important things in your life and you are striving hard to pursue them..

If you think women should do whatever men can do in career and just let other people educate your own children..

If you think it is no problem for children to watch TV and play internet..

If you do not know how to educate your children..

If you had divorced or plan to divorce..

If you think it is impossible to change your life, and you family’s life ..


Please click on the youtube link below to get the answer: (Sorry it is available only in Mandarin)


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For whole series of video, please click here:


You may have feel that our country and world is not good as compare to before due to many problems, this is partly because this generations are not educated in a correct way and our core value are affected by TV and internet content, which publicize violence, sex, incorrect way of freedom, and define success by how much money and power you have, but is it really true? Some country president abuse their power and get a lot of money in an incorrect way, and end up in prison, they may still left a lot of money for their family, but do you think they are success ? Another example that are closer to us in today’s’ world, if in a family, father and mother both working hard and let other people such as maid to take care of their children, the reason for parent to work is maybe thinking they want to earn more money so that they can enjoy better life or let their children enjoy better life, but can the children educated well by the maid ? we saw many children nowadays order their maid to do almost everything for them, and we saw many cases on newspaper that some people abuse their maid, do you expect the children grown up in this kind of family have good character that can contribute to our society in the future ?

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