Door to Door Lorry Transport From Johor to KL PJ

Door to Door Lorry Transport Between Johor to KL PJ (NO frozen/chilled delivery service)

Charge: RM 10 ~ RM 20 per carton (Subject to **minimum charge depends on area)

Service Area : Johor, Johor Bahru, Skudai, Kulai, Ulu Tiram, Kuala Lumpur (KL), Petaling Jaya, Ampang, Puchong, Kajang, Bangi, Seri Kembangan, ( Seremban, Nilai, Klang, Rawang, Sungai Buloh may subject to additional charge)

Delivery Direction: Johor to/from KL through North -South Highway

Except for Johor near Johor Bahru and Selangor near KL area, the pick up and delivery address on the way of north south highway must near to the highway toll exit, if not we may not able to service the area or the charge will be higher to cover additional diesel and toll charge, please just contact us and we will let you know whether we could help your case.

Now we also provide express delivery service within west Malaysia, express delivery service from west Malaysia to Singapore, and express service delivery for Singapore business that wish to sell and deliver their product to Malaysia customer, and Singapore online shopper that wish to purchase in Malaysia and collect in Johor or collect their goods in Singapore, please click the link below for more information:

Malaysia & Singapore Door to Door Express Service

door to door lorry transport from johor to kl and pj

We provide Door to Door Lorry transport between Johor , KL , PJ and Seremban area weekly, as we need to deliver our goods between Johor , KL and PJ customers, but it do not occupied the whole lorry, so we have space to share with you, and the charge is about RM 10 per carton (subject to weight *) (**Minimum charge RM 250 per trip in Johor Bahru, Skudai, Ulu Tiram Area).

Important Notice: We are not express delivery company, if you or your customer waiting for the goods is urgent, please do not use our service, as we could not provide an accurate pick up and delivery date. If you or your customer just want to receive the goods with cheap shipping rate and do not mind to wait for a few more days, then just consider to use our service. 

If you have some heavy goods wish to deliver from Johor to KL and PJ area, using normal express service such as GDEX or Poslaju would cost you a lot, some express don’t even accept goods with more than 30kg, you can consider to use our service, it is definitely cheaper than express especially if you have many carton that want to deliver to a same place.

Weight Charge (Subject to minimum charge** per trip):

For carton below 10KG, charge per carton is RM 10 (RM 15 per carton for KL to JB Direction)

For carton from 10KG ~<15KG, charge per carton is RM 12 (RM 16 per carton for KL to JB Direction)

For carton from 15KG ~<20KG, charge per carton is RM 14 (RM 17.5 per carton for KL to JB Direction)

For carton from 20KG ~<30KG, charge per carton is RM 16 (RM 20 per carton for KL to JB Direction)

Above 30Kg, please contact us for pricing.

Actual Weight = scale weight or volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Volumetric Weight = [Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm)] / 5000


Name (Sender):
Phone (Sender):
Address (Sender):
Name (Receiver):
Phone (Receiver):
Address (Receiver):


Carton Limitation:

  • Carton must be able to carry by one person (or two if sender/receiver help to carry), overly large size or heavy item is not accepted
  • The goods inside carton must be well protected by foams, we do not take responsibility if the goods is damaged during transportation.

What you need to prepare:

  • Write or Stick a paper with receiver name, address and phone number on each carton, the text must be large and clear.
  • if more than 1 carton, please write the carton number / total carton number on each carton. (e.g. for 8 cartons, first carton write “1 of 8 Carton”, second carton write “2 of 8 Carton” and etc.)
  • Print the invoice for all goods to be delivered as police or custom officer may block the lorry and check the goods.
  • Print 2 copies of delivery order for receiver to sign.


Minimum Charge per Trip :

Due to Diesel Price increase sharply recently, we try to keep the RM10 per carton rate for item below 10KG, but have to fine tune the minimum charge per trip based on area of collection in Johor area:

Collection at Johor Bahru, Ulu Tiram, Skudai Area:

**Minimum Charge per trip :  RM 250 ~ RM 300 (Depends on area)

Example: 10 cartons (<10Kg per carton), charge is RM 250; 50 Cartons (<10Kg per carton), charge is RM 500)

Collection at other location out of Johor Bahru, Ulu Tiram, Skudai Area:

**Minimum Charge per trip : RM 250 ~ RM 300 (Depends on area)

Example: 10 cartons (<10Kg per carton), charge is RM250~RM 300; 50 Cartons (<10Kg per carton), charge is RM 500)

(The main collection point is at Johor Bahru, Ulu Tiram, Skudai. For other area, the lorry have to exit the highway toll just to collect the goods, and it is not able to cover the higher diesel cost and extra toll charge anymore. However, customer could self deliver goods to us in Ulu Tiram and minimum charge per trip will keep at RM 250.


Value added Service:

In most of the cases, the driver collect / deliver the goods from / to doorstep of a ground floor shop, warehouse, house and etc , but if sender / receiver request the driver to move the goods beyond doorstep, an additional charge per carton ( additional minimum charge of RM 20 per trip) is required. Sender please inform to receiver regarding this charge.



The Door to Door Lorry Transport From Johor to KL PJ service is provided by MyMB.


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