Electronic Building Blocks

Electronic Building Blocks

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Electronic building blocks design is originated from USA, it acquire many international rewards for many years. Electronic building blocks attach conductor, light bulb, diode, transistor, resistor, capacitor, switches, LED light, voltage converter, relay, power meter, motor, loud speaker, solar panel, integrated circuit (IC) and all kind of sensors on a plastic material, and attach snap buttons on both end so that each part could be mounted individually on a base board (breadboard) just like a Lego building blocks. Unlike Lego building blocks, Electronic building blocks are much more fun to play with, as it comes with so many combinations and children could create their own circuit combination and function that cultivate creativity and innovation especially for young children. Children could create colorful light, maze challenge, FM radio, colorful fan, star war circuit and many other kinds of circuit from just one set of Electronic Building Blocks.

Children could not concentrate on reading books for too long, and the knowledge in the books is not so easy to be absorbed by children as most of the books are boring for them. Children nowadays are addicted to electronic gadget like Ipad and mobile phone game, addicted to Ipad and mobile phone may be one of the reason to develop unsociable character for children, as most of the time they do not communicate with people around while playing mobile phone game. Do you know that Microsoft founder Bill Gate also disallow their children to play mobile phone?

With Electronic building blocks, it provide hands-on learning for children, it will also greatly improve interest to learn for children. Children not only learn electronic and science knowledge with ease, more importantly are the creativity skill, self-confident, sense of achievement and perseverance developed in the process that may help them to become a greater person for the rest of their life.

Electronic building blocks also help to improve parents and children relationship. Unlike mobile phone or Ipad that are mostly designed to operate by individual, you could play the Electronic building blocks together with your children. Most of the adults will find this electronic building blocks are much more fun to play with compare to many other toys like normal building blocks, doll, toy cars, boats, trains and planes, actually some adults may even get addicted to electronic blocks. Your children’s friends could play the electronic building blocks together with them also, and you do not need to worry your children develop unsociable and ego character anymore.

This Electronic building blocks comes with manual and suitable for children above 5 years old. It is not only a toy, it is also an electronic learning kits for primary and even secondary school student.

There are two models available, model 3688 with more than 3688 playing methods and model 112 with more than 112 playing methods. You could try the model 112 first, if your child love it, then consider to buy the model 3688. Electronic building blocks is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift to children compare to Lego building blocks, toy cars and trains which they might already have many similar set of Lego, toy cars and trains lying on their toy shelf.

You have a choice now, with Electronic building blocks that may grab children attention and interest easily, do you still want to buy a mobile phone or Ipad for your children that is much more expensive and may create negative effect to your children ? Electronic building blocks is definitely the best investment in your life, and the cost is little.


Product Advantages:

1)      Safe product design : Design originated from USA, no sharp object.

2)      Safe material : Material imported from Taiwan (PA-757), same material as Lego building blocks.

3)      Safe circuit component : Use advance PTC anti short circuit component, safety is always out priority.

4)      Technology : Developed by professional R&D team, patented technology.

5)      Product details : Easy to understand full color manual

6)      Compact : All components can be packed to their dedicated slot easily inside the packaging box.

7)      Certification : ROHS, CE, EN62115, US ASTM certificate.

Product Spec:

Model 3688

Material: Eco-Friendly ABS

Parts: 91 Pieces

Size: 28 x 19.5 cm

Packaging Size : 55 x 39 x 6 cm


Model 112

Material: Eco-Friendly ABS

Packaging Size : 33 X 19.5 X 4.3 cm

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