IP Walkie Talkie Malaysia

IP Walkie Talkie Malaysia

We supply IP Walkie Talkie Malaysia that let the communication group stay connected under Wifi and/or GSM / 3G / 4G network, you do not need to bear with bad connectivity, cross inteference noise due to limited bandwidth for traditional type of walkie talkie anymore !

IP walkie talkie comes with lots more of functions compare to traditional walkie talkie, and the device is now free with 2 year contract ! 

Monthly Fees: RM 60 (Including Telco Subscription, unlimited talk time  ! )

First Time Fees: 3 Month deposit (RM 180) + Refundable Deposit (RM 300) + One Time Registration Fees (RM 50) 

After two year, the device belong to you.

Warranty: 1 Year



IP Walkie Talkie is ideal for application such as Security, Construction, Entertainment, Education, Hospitality, Transportation and etc.

No GSM/ 3G / 4G signal inside building, how ?

If mobile signal coverage is a problem inside building, MyMB mobile signal booster product could solve your problem, by approaching us, you can rest assure that both your mobile signal coverage and walkie talkie communication issues be solved at the same time.

ip walkie talkie malaysia

ip walkie talkie malaysia features

VT12W Introduction:

An Android based IP Smart Terminal, VT12W is powered by Radio over IP Technology and operate on a nationwide cellular data network coverage. It allows PTT real-time seamless communications across a broad spectrum of users and carriers without any boundary restriction.

Product Description

  • Android Smartphone platform
  • Operates on cellular data card
  • Frequency: 2G 900/1800 MHz, 3G – 2100 MHz
  • Enhanced speaker to enable loud audio output
  • Voice command calling
  • Longer talk time with 4400mAH battery
  • Up to 120 hours of standby time
  • Crystal clear digital sound
  • Hands-free operation
  • USB and desktop charging
  • Built-in GPS
  • Enhanced authentication for improved security
  • Long antenna for receiving and transmitting proficiency
  • Rugged and reliable as a two-way walkie talkie but smarter!
  • Buttons are programmable for emergency

Product Features

  • Push-To-Talk Instantaneous Voice Transmission
  • Secured communication ensures privacy
  • Enhanced user experience, efficiency and coordination

Call Management

  • Private Call – to call and talk privately with a specified user.
  • Priority Call – appoint priority enabled individual.
  • Group Call – communicate one-to-many

Call Management

  • Priority Call – Allows authorized user to interrupt conversations during an emergency or to deliver critical communication
  • Emergency Button – Send out a distress call to console.
  • Device Enabled/disabled – device can be disabled remotely if stolen or abused.
  • Enhanced encryption – higher security level.

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