Marine Booster / Repeater

 Marine Booster

While travelling at sea, communication with shore or other sea traveler can be very important. Effective communication at sea allows exchange of important information:

  • Sea Condition
  • Emergency Situation
  • Presence of Pilots
  • Good fishing location (for fishing boats)
  • Communication with loved ones on shore
  • etc…


Communication at sea can be achieved with Radio, Satellite Phone and some other traditional methods with flags or smoke. However, nothing can be more convenient and effective if the hand phone that you use on land can also works on sea. This would be made possible with our Marine Booster at affordable cost.

If you face “no signal” problems in your hand phones while traveling at sea, then our Marine Booster can solve your problems. Our booster are capable of picking up low signal, amplify it and re-broadcast over a wide coverage area. With our Marine Booster, you could enjoy the benefit of

  • reduced missed / dropped call
  • clear voice communication
  • fast data rate
  • extended hand phone battery life


Our Marine Boosters have several different power ranges that capable covering difference size of boats, vessels or yachts. It supports multiple mobile devices including 3G modem simultaneously.


Installation of the Marine Booster is simple and takes just minutes. Just mount the external aerial antenna and connect to the booster input port. At the output of the repeater connect the indoor coverage antenna then connect the power (cigarette lighter DC power supply / 240V AC power supply). For best performance the external aerial should be mounted high up on the boat / ship.


Marine Booster Series:

  • SR-series Booster (Single Band / Dual Band / Tri Band)
  • MR-series Booster (Single Band / Dual Band / Tri Band)
  • LR-series Booster (Single Band / Dual Band / Tri Band)

Marine Booster Series supported Telco:

  • DIGI
  • M1


Marine Booster Series Outdoor Antenna :

  • High Gain Omni Directional Antenna


Marine Booster Series Indoor Antenna :

  • Indoor Ceiling antenna (Plaster ceiling mount)
  • Indoor Ceiling antenna (Concrete ceiling mount / TableTop)
  • Indoor Panel antenna (Wall Mount)


Marine Booster Low Loss Extension Cable

  • White Color 5D-FB cable (50 Ohms) pre-assembled with N-connector in standard length of 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m and 40m
  • Black Color 7D-FB cable (50Ohms) in reel of 50m, 100m and 200m; crimp-type / clamp-type N-connector


Project Showcases:

Cruisemobile signal coverage for Cruise

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