Mid Range Repeater / Booster [300m2 ~ 800m2] (MR-Series)

MyMB MR-Series Mid Range RepeaterVaries type of mid range repeater is available at My Mobile Signal Booster Shop. It is suitable for big residential property or office with area around 300m2 to 800m2.

The MR-Series Mid Range Repeater can support  up to 4 indoor ceiling antennas due to their higher uplink / downlink gain and output power as compare to SR-Series short range booster.

For very weak outdoor signal condition (1 to 2 bar),  it is recommended to use MR-Series booster as compare to SR-Series booster even if the intended indoor coverage is 100 m2~ 200 m2, as it need the high gain provided by MR-series booster to boost from a very weak outdoor signal to provide a satisfactory indoor coverage result.

MR-Series  mid range booster system also come with 30 days money back guarantee, that mean if you are not satisfy with the product, you could return to us within 30 days. (Terms and Conditions)

The following content shows the MR-Series repeater model and accessories available, please don’t worry if you do not have any idea of how to select a correct model or accessories that suit your case, just contact us and let us know your situation and we will provide a best solution for you.


MR-Series Mid Range Repeater Model :

1. MR-G – GSM Repeater support Maxis/Celcom 2G

2. MR-D – GSM Repeater support Digi 2G and Maxis/Celcom 2G in some area

3. MR-W – WCDMA/3G Repeater support all telco 3G (Except Maxis/Celcom 3G in some area)

4. MR-GD – Dual Band Repeater support  All Telco 2G

5. MR-GW- Dual Band Repeater support All Telco 3G and Maxis/Celcom 2G

6. MR-GDW – Tri band repeater support ALL Telco 2G and 3G and Maxis/Digi/Celcom LTE in some area

Support frequency bands of Telco :   Malaysia: Maxis, Celcom, Digi, U Mobile; Singapore: Singtel, Starhub, M1 (Mobile 1)


One example that use mid range repeater system is shown in the diagram below:


If the estimation of each cable length is difficult, or you would like to have a even low loss cable than our standard 5D-FB cable,  you could consider to use 7D-FB cable which supply in 50m, 100m, 200m per roll. 7D-FB cable provide lower loss as compare to 5D-FB cable, and thus provide a better indoor signal coverage. Moreover, each cable length is flexible as you could cut the cable and make the connector by yourself. As a general guideline, for a system with 2 indoor antenna, usually 50m cable is enough. For a system with 4 indoor antenna and installed in a multi-storey building, usually 100m cable is enough. However, the estimation is just a guideline and the total cable needed varies from case to case.


For mid range repeater system, the installation and wiring of indoor cable is slightly more complicated as compared to a short range booster due to more wiring to the indoor ceiling antennas. Please contact us for more information and solution for your mobile signal problem.


Project Showcases: (Please click this link for more showcase)

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