MyMB Smart Home Wifi 230V Power Socket

MyMB Smart Home Wifi 230V Power Socket

MyMB Smart HOme Wifi 230V Power Socket 2MyMB Smart HOme Wifi 230V Power Socket (Back view)










RM 125


MyMB Smart Home Wifi 230V Power Socket is a 230V power socket which can be remote controlled by smartphone or pc App over internet. You can control on / off of electrical appliance such as TV, Electric kettle, Radio, lighting, fan and etc when you are not at home. Features:

  1. Remote control electrical appliance in your home at any place over smarphome or PC App.
  2. Plug and play, easy to install. Just install the app on smarphone and start to use it.
  3. The smartphone app can control multi devices at the same time.
  4. Can set on/off timing of the wifi socket in the app.
  5. The wifi power socket will feedback the on/off state in the app.

Application Examples:

  • If you are on a long holiday and not at home, you can control the lighting so that thief may think someone at home;
  • You can turn off the TV at home during work so that your children at home do not spend too much time on watching TV.
  • You don’t need to wait 10 minutes at home just to wait the kettle boil the water (Even if it is an automatic kettle, as sometime we worry the kettle automatic cut off is not working), just leave your house and turn the MyMB Smart Home Wifi 230V Power Socket off after 10 minutes over App.
  • Switch on the slow cooker or rice cooker over App just before you leave your office and you can have your dinner soon after you reach home.

Socket Type:

Universal UK standard three-hole socket (Malaysia/ Singapore follow this standard) , can be compatible with UK standard plug

Using high-quality material, high heat resistance, shock resistance and flame resistance


Size: 5.8cm * 6.3cm * 3cm (L x W x H)
Color: Yellow
Input Voltage: AC90 ~ 265V 50/60Hz
Maximum Current: 10A
Maximum Power: 2200W
Wi-Fi Standard: 802.11b/g/n
Shell Material: Flame-retardant ABS Plastic
Contact Copper: Phosphor Copper, Highly Polished Nickel
Type: Remote Controls
Quantity: Pack of 1

Package Content:

1 x Power Socket
1 x User Manual MyMB Smart HOme Wifi 230V Power Socket 4     MyMB Smart HOme Wifi 230V Power Socket App

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