Online Shopping in Malaysia for Singaporean – Collect in Johor Bahru

Online Shopping in Malaysia for Singaporean – Collect in Johor Bahru 

Due to weak Malaysia Ringgit and Strong Singapore Dollar, shopping in Malaysia is always cheaper than shopping in Singapore. However, when Singaporean come Malaysia to shopping, the shops and choice are very limited as compare to online shopping, especially when you are travel by buses. There is a good news now, we offer several service that facilitate the online shopper in Singapore to do online shopping in Malaysia, and collect your goods near Johor Bahru.

Service 1: Online shopping in Malaysia, Collect in Johor

You can do the online shopping in Malaysia sites, make payment yourself and deliver to address below, after we receive the goods, we will inform you, and you can collect your goods from us next time when you come to Johor Bahru. Please visit the link below for more information.

Malaysia & Singapore Door to Door Express Service


Service Charge per parcel:

Actual Weight or Volumetric Weight (VW) whichever is higher. (Volumetric weight = [Width (cm) x Length (cm) x Height (cm) ] / 5000

<5KG: RM 12

5KG to 10KG : RM 14

10KG to 15KG : RM 16

15KG to 20KG : RM 20

20KG to 30KG: RM 25

For parcel > 30KG or bulky Parcel with any dimension > 100 cm , please contact us before purchase.

The rate above is for collection at the receiver address. There is a minimum charge of RM 60 for collection at City square or CIQ. We will charge based on the rate above or the minimum charge of RM60, whichever is higher. So it is better to collect 5 parcels and above in order to avoid minimum charge and make your trip worth more.

(Collection time near JB CIQ (Taxi Stand) or City Square (Entrance near Levi’s) : Every Sunday 3 pm, appointment must be made 2 days in advance.)

Missed Collection:

The maximum waiting time is 15 minutes, if you make appointment to collect your items near JB CIQ City Square but do not collect your parcel in time, you need to make another appointment, and need to pay extra RM25 service charge. If you cancel your appointment 1 day in advance, no extra charge is needed.



Start your online Shopping in Malaysia Now !

(1) Start to Shop:

Below are some popular sites for online shopping :





(2) Enter Receiver Information in the shopping website:

Receiver Name:  (Your Name)

Receiver Phone : +60127916852 (For courier to contact us regarding parcel collection matter)

Receiver Address:

My Electronic Enterprise
178, Jalan Pesona 12,
Taman Pelangi Indah,
81800, Ulu Tiram, Johor ,


(3) Purchase and inform us the Shipping Tracking number here:

Phone Number:
Collection Method (Can change later by email us)
Address (If need deliver to SG):
Parcel Tracking Numbers (Separate by ; if more than 1 parcel ):


(4) Wait for your parcel to arrive us and we will inform you to arrange the collection









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