Product Specification

Some customers told us that they approach other mobile signal booster supplier, and the supplier told them weboost connect 3G or some unknown brand booster’s power is much stronger than MyMB product, and these customers want us to show the booster specs for comparison.

But the problem is, we did not publish MyMB technical specification on the website. We did it purposely to protect consumers right, because those technical specs items such as Gain, Output Power, Noise Figure, VSWR, Pass Band Ripple and etc, 99.9% of consumers actually do not understand what they are and could not measure it or feel it, so some unknown brand competitors make use of this point, they anyhow write output power as 27 dBm although actually the output power of the booster is only less than 10 dBm, because they know consumers do not know how to measure the output power and they cannot feel it, consumers will just compare the price and “don’t know what” specs of Product A and Product B, if the specs is same and product B price is much lower, then they will sure go for product B, without knowing that they are cheated by those fake specification.

We do not publish MyMB technical specs on website, so consumers could not compare the specs they get from other suppliers with our products, what we provide to customers are the reference projects and testimonial from other customers, and those information that could be understood by customers, information such as coverage area and mobile phone signal strength in dBm as shown in the video below. (dBm in negative value, smaller the number mean signal is stronger, eg -57dBm stronger than -75dBm).

For your information, some unknown brand signal booster may cause interference to telco cell tower and may cause serious consequence, so we only recommend MyMB product or weboost product and not other unknown brand.

Part 1: weboost Connect 3G vs MyMB Extreme 2G +3G (Booster and Accessories Exterior)

Part 2: weboost Connect 3G vs MyMB Extreme 2G +3G (Performance)



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