Receive Singapore Network in Malaysia


Receive Singapore network in Malaysia-Singtel, Starrhub, M1

Why some people wants to receive Singapore Network in Malaysia?

Nowadays many people working in Singapore but choose to stay in Malaysia Johor Bahru due to higher living cost in Singapore, those people usually stay near to the causeway or second link and are subscribers of Singtel, Starhub or M1 network. When we are in Malaysia, most likely our mobile phone will switch to roaming mode as the Singapore network in Malaysia are very weak especially inside a building. Is it possible to receive Singapore network in Malaysia?

It would be very convenient if we are able to receive stronger Singtel, Starhub or M1 signal inside our house in Malaysia, it allow us to receive a call, make a call or even use Singapore 3G network to surf internet in our house in Malaysia, and is it without paying any roaming cost.

Fortunately, It become possible now with the mobile signal booster / repeater product. If you could receive some Singapore network signal in Malaysia outside your house, simply purchase a mobile signal booster / repeater product from us and you are able to receive Singapore network in Malaysia house. It could help you to save the roaming cost and probably the internet subscription fees in Malaysia, as you could now surf the internet using Singapore 3G network, which usually come with data bundle of 2Gb and above when you sign a 3G data plan for your smart phone.

Please select a booster product in the product page in order to receive Singapore network in Malaysia.

As usually the signal are weak even at outdoor, it need some patient to alight the outdoor antenna to the base station that you would like to receive the signal from. For yagi antenna, sometimes different in few degree (vertical or horizontal direction) may determine whether you could get the signal or not.


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