Small Office PABX Telephone System Solution

Small Office PABX Telephone System Solution

MyMB Small Office PABX Telephone System Solution

MyMB provide a solution for small office PABX telephone system that are easy to install, this solution can even work for area without a landline and it will significantly cut down telephone bill if most of the time your company are dealing to local customers and are making outgoing call within Malaysia.

Why Don’t use a normal Telekom Landline ?

Some area in Malaysia do not have landline (PSTN), so instead of using a normal landline, we will convert the GSM signal (With sim card from Maxis, Celcom, Digi or U Mobile) to PSTN port that could be connected to PABX main unit. If your company already using a landline, and your telephone bill is very high although most of the time you are calling to Malaysia mobile or landline and not overseas call, then we will explain why you should consider switching to our Small Office PABX Telephone System.

Why it will save my Company Telephone Bills ?

In recent year, Malaysia telco offer Unlimited call plan (eg: Maxis One plan @ RM98 per month, Celcom First Gold Plan @ RM80 per month, Digi unlimited talk time @ RM 68 per month and U Mobile Hero P70 @ RM70 per month ), with this unlimited call plan, if your company landline telephone bill is too high, why don’t you switch to those unlimited call plan by using MyMB small office PABX telephone system to make full use of those unlimited outgoing local call time ?

My Office already have existing PABX system, can we switch to MyMB small office PABX Telephone system ?

Yes, you can reuse your company PABX system, just that you need the MyMB GSM to Landline converter to replace the existing Telekom landlines, of course you need to subscribe to unlimited call plan from Maxis, Celcom, Digi U Mobile and etc.

Those Unlimited call plan come with data, how can we utilise those data after we convert them to landline for PABX ?

This is a good question that could help you to save more cost for your company. For those unlimited call plan that you subscribe, some plan come with abundant of data (eg U Mobile P98 come with 30Gb of data), if your normal company operating do not use much internet data, these 30 Gb of data may be more than enough for your whole company usage, and nowadays 4G LTE offer high speed internet that we feel is even faster than ADSL if not the Fiber internet that always jam at peak hour. So just terminate your ADSL and fiber internet subscription (Probably try for few month before actual terminate ), go to telco office and request for a 4G data simcard that share the data pool with your unlimited call plan subscription (Probably additional RM10 to RM20 per month compare to ADSL or fiber which easily above RM 100), then insert this data sim card to a 4G modem and router, and your office will be cover by the high speed 4G internet wifi.

I am keen to switch to MyMB Small Office PABX Telephone System but my office mobile phone signal has Bad Reception

This the the area of expertise that MyMB could help, MyMB have various type of mobile signal booster that could improve your in building mobile signal reception, we will make sure your call quality will be as good as calling at good mobile signal reception area. We also have the 4G signal booster in case you would like to improve 4G internet speed inside your office.


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