Beware of Fake and Inferior Mobile Signal Booster Product

Beware of Fake and Inferior Mobile Signal Booster Product

We notice there are many duplicated, fake and inferior mobile signal booster products available in the market, their exterior may looks decent in the photo or some even looks similar to our product, but inside the casing it is totally another story.

MyMB takes the initiative to buy most of the booster available in our market and use our RF testing equipment to physically test the booster performance, almost 95% of the products could not meet the specification as written in the product description. In view of this, we remove all MyMB product specification such as Gain, Power, noise figure and etc to prevent customers compare those inferior product with our product and get cheated by those faked specification.

Not only the specification, some inferior products even generate high sideband interference and having high noise floor that may cause interference to telco base station, it will jam telco signal in your whole area and MCMC officer may knock on your door one day and impose a heavy fine to you. Please refer to the frequency spectrum graph for comparison between the cheapest MyMB Economic Series Booster and those fake inferior product available in the market, and you can see clearly that even our cheapest product easily beat those inferior products.

As a Malaysian company, we choose to believe that most of the Malaysian local sellers that sell in Lelong, 11 street, lazada and etc do not cheat consumer in purpose, they just resell cheap booster directly imported from China, and copy all information from the source without identifying if those are true. Unlike MyMB, those unprofessional sellers do not invest a proper equipment to test the booster they sell, as booster may be just a small part of their business for them to earn extra money.

As a responsible and professional mobile signal booster supplier, MyMB physically test all the booster one by one before releasing to our customers. As a responsible buyer/user, we don’t want to buy something that maybe just slightly cheaper but end up jamming the Telco signal, it will affect thousands of peoples around in your area and will bring serious consequences to yourself too.


Frequency Spectrum for MyMB Economic Series Booster
Frequency Spectrum for MyMB Economic Series Booster @ Maximum Power


Frequency Spectrum for Fake Inferior Product in the market @ Maximum Power
Frequency Spectrum for Fake Inferior Product in the market @ Maximum Power

Results above is done with 43dB attenuator at the frequency analyzer by input a large signal @ 940 MHz. The upper graph shows the results of the cheapest MyMB Economic series booster, the lower graph shows the results for a fake inferior product that is easily available in

At large input signal, MyMB booster that comes with AGC/ALC function adjust the gain automatically in order to suppress the sideband noise, and able to achieve Signal to Noise Ratio of 60dB. In contrast, an inferior product that is easily available in only get a Signal to Noise ratio of 30dB, and the high sideband noise is fall inside the GSM 900 band, that mean it will cause interference to other telco signal easily, and some more this booster still advertised as it comes with ALC technology. All of these fake specification and fake description not only happen to the low price booster products, we notice some not so cheap products also over exaggerate their specification and description.

We hope consumers to check carefully in order not to get cheated by those fake specification and description, always look for a professional seller when purchasing a mobile signal booster. Mobile signal booster is not like other appliances, when you switch on power it’s working then you can start using it without second thought. If you buy an inferior mobile signal booster product, and you are lucky you may still able to see your signal bar go up when it’s turned on. But the truth is what you don’t see, like the interference to telco signal, may get you into serious trouble, and you may get MCMC officer to knock on your door in one day.

Silver booster with LCD

Some people may not believe to what we say and think we are just writing this in order to frighten people so that more people will buy from us. If you are one of them, please look at the photo above, this is one of the booster that we tested, it is manufactured in China. You could visit to and type “mobile signal booster”, you will see a lot of seller selling this booster. They are all from the same manufacturer, but different seller have difference specification and description. Some wrote the output power 20dbm, some wrote 14dbm; some wrote gain is 60dB, some wrote 55dB; some wrote coverage up to 500 square meter, some wrote 400 square meter and etc. So who is correct ? definitely some is fake information because they are all the same product from the same manufacturer.

Actually this booster maximum power is less than MyMB Economic 3G booster, and for MyMB Economic 3G, we only write coverage area of 30 square meter to 60 square meter based on average testing result. In some cases, if outdoor signal is good and coverage might be larger, but we don’t want to over-exaggerate our product capability. We would like to see customer buy our product and very happy to see the product perform better than their expectation rather than over-exaggerating our product function, attract them to buy first and later find out that the product performs below their expectation. It may put some disadvantage to ourselves by advertising in this way, but this is our principle of doing business, as our company slogan says “Customers Satisfaction is Our Key to Success“.

Up to this point, I think more than 99% of people already believe to what we say, for those who still don’t believe, what we can do is we could sell the silver booster test set above to you using our cost price. If you could prove in any conditions that this booster set could achieve coverage of 500 square meter as advertised by those sellers, we will do full refund and free the device to you, do you want to accept the challenge ?




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