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Why am I losing mobile phone signal in my property?

The most common problem that cause weak mobile phone signal inside property is concrete walls deflect signal and hindering mobile reception into the property. If the base station is too far away, the signal isn’t strong enough to penetrate the walls to give you a good reception. In some properties, there is metal foil on top of ceiling , this will further deflect the mobile phone signal and results in bad reception.

Will a mobile signal booster help to solve my weak mobile signal problem?

If you select our product according to the product selection guideline, and follow carefully our installation guideline, in most of the circumstances it can help to improve your signal conditions. At MY Mobile Signal Booster Shop, we offer complete solution that had been tested in many weak mobile signal zone, and it had successfully boost the mobile signal . We are that confident that the solution that we offer could help to solve your problem, that is why we even offer a 30 days money back guarantee.

What is the benefits of using mobile signal booster / repeater  ?

The basic function of improving the mobile signal strength can avoid drop call, drop line during communication which is very annoying. For our 3G model, it can improve the 3G network strength which provide a more stable and high speed internet with better 3G reception. Except for that, everybody knows that mobile phones emit radiation that harms our health especially we need to put it near to our brain during conversation. The good news is by using a mobile signal booster/ repeater, you can significantly reduce the level of radiation emitted by your mobile phone, this prolong the battery life of your mobile phone, and more importantly, reduce the mobile phone radiation level that may cause harmful effect to our young children, baby, fetal or pregnant woman.

Should we hire someone to install our repeater system?

That all depends on your abilities. For the Panel type outdoor antenna, if you decide to fix it on window railing, it could be done easily without any drilling work or skill. If you decide to fix the outdoor panel antenna on concrete wall, you need to know how to drill holes on concrete wall. Alternatively, if you could find some roof wooden structure outdoor, you could just use screw to tighten the antenna on the wooden structure without drilling. For the installation of outdoor panel/yagi antenna on rooftop, for your safety, it is better to hire someone with experience working on rooftop, there is sure to be someone handy that could do it for you. For examples: TV antenna installer, Astro antenna installer, Network Technicians, Maintenance Crews, Electrical Contractors, Handymen, etc. All of our systems come with complete, easy-to-follow instructions.

Can I get longer cables and will they negatively affect the system’s performance?

The longer the cable, the more signal loss between the antenna and the booster. In My Mobile Signal Booster Shop, we provide high quality low loss cables and it is much more expensive as compare to normal 50 ohms or 75 ohms cable on the market. Try to plan your system carefully to avoid having to purchase longer cables than necessary.

Can more than one system of the same frequency be installed in a building?

Yes. If you need to cover an area larger than the system is designed for, multiple systems can be installed. Please keep some distance between the two system with same frequency to avoid interference.

What payment methods do you accept?

Please refer to the link: Payment Methods

Can I use the WCDMA2100 /3G mobile booster for improving voice communication to my 3G mobile phone?

Most modern mobile phones can support different frequency bands simultaneously – WCDMA2100 /3G signal booster are used for high speed data and are able to improve the quality of 3G mobile Internet, applications and voice communication.

How does a mobile signal booster/repeater work?

Please refer to the ink: How Cell Phone Signal Booster Work

How long will the shipping take?

Shipping usually takes 2-10 working days depending on the distance and availability of stock in inventory. If it may take longer due to some unexpected issue, we will inform our customer through email or SMS.

Is it safe to use a mobile signal booster/repeater?

Everybody knows that mobile phones emit radiation that harms our health. The good news is using a mobile signal booster/ repeater you can significantly reduce the level of radiation emitted by your phone. Besides, every mobile signal booster/ repeater from our store meets international standards of CE.



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