Return Policy

Notes: 30 days money back guarantee only apply to MyMB brand mobile signal booster products except Economic series, Refurbished product and product that is not in re-sellable condition.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee Policy

(1)Before returning the product, buyer need to inform us for us to make arrangement.

(2) Buyer is responsible to send back the products and accessories including the original packaging box to a specified address (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) within 30 days upon receive the product.

(3) Items must be in re-sellable condition including original packaging. If some returned items are not in re-sellable conditions, we will discuss with buyer and in most of the cases partial refund is still possible. Please refer to Appendix for refund reduction amount.

(4) The warranty seal must be intact. In case warranty seal is broken, 30 days money back guarantee and 1 year warranty will be void.

(5) Shipping, handling and credit card surcharge is not refundable.

(6) Buyer is responsible for return costs and must return goods by registered mail and proof of posting.

(7) Any loss or damage during transit back to us is at the buyer risk.

(8) Damage cause by lightning strike will not be covered under warranty or 30 days money back guarantee.

(9) The refund amount will be transfer back to buyer by bank transfer. Buyer need to pay for any transaction cost charged by bank and it will automatically deducted from the refunded amount.

(10) 30 days money back guarantee is applicable to short range (SR-Series) and mid range (MR-Series) booster product that use the standard accessories sold in this website.

(11) MyMB reserve the right to void money back guarantee if we find out misuse and/or abuse of the 30 days money back guarantee policy. Please understand this policy is to help real customer try out the product and not for any other purpose.




Refund Reduction Amount :

Booster :

1. Loss of original booster packaging – RM50

2. Loss of original booster mounting bracket – RM50

3. Scratches in booster casing – From RM20 to up to 20% of booster price depends on damage condition.


1. Loss of original antenna mounting bracket – RM30

2. Antenna color change (e.g Become yellowish due to UV) or deform in shape – Not Refundable.

Cable and other accessories:

1. Color change (e.g Become yellowish due to UV) or deform in shape – Not Refundable.


Important Notes: 

The 30 Days money back guarantee is to let customer try out the product function with some simple setup, please take good care of the booster, cable and antenna and do not mount the booster with screw during testing. If the system is functioning, then just proceed with permanent installation. If not, please contact us for technical support as most of the issues are due to wrong antenna installation or wrong booster port connection. If the product still not functioning in your area and you wish to return it, please arrange for product return as soon as possible, this is to make sure all items are still in good original conditions to claim for full refund.

It is not recommended to do permanent installation and mounting straight away after getting the product and keep it for few days, and return to us just before the 30 days limit, it is because the permanent installation may scratch or damage the booster casing, keeping the outdoor antenna and cable exposed to outdoor condition for few days will easily cause wear and tear and they may not be in good original conditions to claim for full refund.









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